50% OFF our Basic Technique class! 
An educational class by Casey Barker L.M.T. 
a 12 year professional in relaxation and deep tissue technique. 

Bring any partner at your convenience 
to gain the skills of bliss for those you appreciate most! 
  • Maintain ​your healthy lifestyle together
  • Showing gratitude for hard work at the end of a long day
  • Enhance your connection with loved ones
  • Saving Money between sessions with the same great results
  • ​Class will be personalized to your comfort 
  • ​Keeping headaches and back pain GONE
Step 1:
Confirm with your partner!
Casey Barker is able to meet your needs for evening or weekend times upon request.
Step 2:
Sign up any time! This class is available year round
  During AUGUST it will be 50% OFF List price!
$25 dollars an hour people!

How do you do this? 

Watch the video below before you schedule!
  • Click the tab titled Classes
  • Pick the option for Basic Techniques 101, then below click next
  • You will automatically be scheduled with Casey Barker LMT
  • Pick your date for any opening in August!
No additional sign ups are required! 
Step 3:
What are you waiting for?
Go get started!
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